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First Washing After Hair Trans. Opr.

  • First washing will be held by our specialist after the hair transplantation operation. There is information at the program giving you.
  • You have to use shampoo and lotion, which are recommend to you, as desired for 15 days after the hair transplantation operation. After 15 days, you can use any kind of shampoo which you think is better or recommended shampoo. Please, do not use booster shampoo, lotion, bioaxin, bioblas, rogain or similar products for 15 days.
  • Please note that the water is warm and unpressurized.
  • You need to shampoo your hair by touching and pulling first 10 days after the operation, next 5 days, you need to shampoo your hair by making light massage.
  • Please inform us, if you see any kind of skin problems such as postulation, scaling or etc. at the operation area.
  • Please, do not forget to use the special cap designed for protecting your hair after the first washing your hair.