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Frequently asked questions

How many days should I expect to allocate for the entire hair transplantation procedure?

Hair transplantation is completed in 1 day. You can go back your social life after a total of two nights (the next day, making your medical dressing and the following day, washing your hair).

What is the standard duration for a hair transplantation procedure?

It takes approximately 6-8 hours. Approximately 2 hours for extracting process, approximately 1 hour for channel opening process by specialist who determines the location and direction of your hair root, one hour for lunch break and approximately 2 hours for transplanting the hair roots to the their locations. Your operation process will be finalized after the medical dressing. You can leave from our center after chatting your specialist about the operation by taking a cup of coffee.

May I experience possible hair loss after a hair transplantation?

The transplanted hair do not lose due to your hair roots, which are coded to lose genetically, are transferred to the area needed by you.

Will having a hair transplantation be noticeable?

At the Hair Transplantation, FUE technique provided our specialist to transplant hair looking 100% natural. In addition to this, at the hair roots, there are no any scars, and they are in natural direction by virtue of FUE technique. Our valuable guests, all you need to enjoy the natural hair.

Is it possible to transplant hair without receiving hair cut?

If the area is large where the hair transplantation will be implemented, the transplantation process can be done after your hair is cut in number 1. However, if the transplantation area is small, a small windows will be opened at the back of the neck and nobody will understand that you have hair transplantation.

Where is the transplanted hair taken from?

The hairs to be transplanted are extracted from the back of your neck called as between two ears by us. If this area is not sufficient, strong roots can be extracted from chest or upper legs.

Will the hair extracted from the back of my neck grow back?

New hair will not grow instead of hair root extracted from the back of neck. But if we look generally, 40% increase can be seen. At the process applied in our center, you will not experience any possible scar or mark during extraction from the back of your neck.

Will I feel pain during the Hair Transplantation?

The Hair Transplantation process is applied by local anesthesia and sedation options in our center. During or after the process, you will not feel any pain.

Does the hair grow after Hair Transplantation?

The Hair Transplantation process is to transplant your hair bulbs to desired area. The transplanted hair grows in new location at the same speed, shape, color and thickness without any change in the normal growing period.

Who can transplant hair?

Hair Transplantation is applied for male and female patients who have male type hair loss.

Hair Transplantation is applied for patients who naturally have hair loss locally such as birth mark.

Hair Transplantation can be applied for patients who lost their hair due to hair loss occurring after surgeon, accident or burned, pelade and similar skin infections, if they have enough hair on donor area which are their body or back of the neck.

Why do you choose HairTimeİstanbul Hair Transplantation Center?

HairTimeİstanbul Hair Transplantation Center is an expert corporation in hair transplantation. We carried out successfully thousands of hair transplantation cases with our expert team.

In general hospital, we provide services in safety and sterile area with expert staff.

We inform our patient about the exact price of grafts numbers specified on preliminary examination. By this means, our patients will not face with unexpected prices. We provides them natural hair. If our patients consider it necessary, we give them an opportunity to watch interviews of previously patients or to make one on one interview with them. By this mean, you can find answers the questions in your mind. We are waiting for you to show our hospitality and free hair examination in our HairTimeİstanbul Hair Transplantation Center in Ataşehir, İstanbul.

How many grafts can be transplanted in one session?

Number of grafts to be transplanted in one session may vary according to patient’s donor area. If you choose HairTimeİstanbul, we can transplant 7000 graft hair bulbs (21,000 strands) in one session by the virtue of our expert staff.

How should be Ten Hair Lines – Why is the canal opening process so important?

A drawing on a natural anatomic scale should be made most suitable recesses and protrusions for the patient’s age, face, mimic, nose, brow and lip distance. In addition to this, we have to find a middle ground by dwelling on one’s own pleasure, preferences.

The success of this transplantation directly proportionate to natural appearance of the result.

While making hair lines, should be pay attention on patient’s age, numbers of grafts extracted from donor area.

Canals opening to the area where transplantation will be implemented should be at the same angle with hair grow direction like before.

After calculating required depth of hair bulbs and its diameter, canals, where the hair bulbs will be transplanted, are opened by laterals lit specially prepared for your hair bulbs. Canal opening process is the most important part of hair transplantation.

After calculating required depth of hair bulbs and its diameter, canals, where the hair bulbs will be transplanted, are opened by laterals lit specially prepared for your hair bulbs. Canal opening process is the most important part of hair transplantation.